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                                  Surviving Homelessness

Rule (1). In the winter time fly south like the birds; don't be caught in the Northern half of the United States!

Rule (2). Drinking (alcohol) to stay warm is a mis-adventure and mis-conception; drinking actually thins the blood making you become more susceptible to hypothermia and the warm feeling you get is "not a feeling of being warm",... but a false sense of feeling warm.

Rule (3). Apply and get food stamps at your local government complex.

Rule (4). Finding day labor is fairly easy at 'Job Temp agencies' in cities but if you're in a smaller town or remote area just ask and you will usually receive if you are serious about working (eg., back door at restaurants: breaking down boxes; or just using you common sense you can find temporary work anywhere).

Rule (5). Acquire Id at your local police station; if something should happen to you it makes the process of identifying you much easier. Plus, you need ID for gainful employment anyhow, or for food-stamps. If you have warrants out for your arrest get them cleaned up and turn yourself in, then you won't be homeless anymore.

Rule (6).If things get really depressing seek out a local church for advice and/or for the local food pantry.

Rule (7). Always try to stay clean and sober and attend an NA or AA meetings from time to time, those meetings will help you, and guide you into a better way of living; alcohol and drugs will only lead you down a much darker highway. You really don't want to be there!

Rule (8). If you are stuck out on cold nights try a Holiday Inn's ( or similar lodging establishment) stair well at the very bottom where you'll be less likely to be harassed, lay a piece of cardboard down and get some rest; or try a Salvation army cloths donation bin, it works okay, too. Might find something warm while you're in there to wear but you'll need a flashlight to look around, don't use matches though you may precipitate your own pyre and demise. Behind 7-11's or any convenience store you'll  find exhaust fans that blow warm air out from the refrigeration units they use to keep the beer cold inside; believe it or not you can lay gently on top of those and stay warm.

Rule (9). Panhandling works but if you decide to do this you are not homeless anymore, you're a bum and thats a way of life, so quit crying! Don't hit-on women with children, have a little respect!

Rule (10). Working a sign that reads "Will work for food" works if you really want to work, but if you're using the sign to make money to buy booze or drugs you're just being a drunkin' bum and are a worthless human being. Get off your duff and get a job!

Rule (11). Playing passer--bys with an instrument (ie., guitar, bango) or a dance gig with a hat out for coin is your constitutional right to free speech and expression, so go for it!

 Rule (12)."A" Free meal at Taco Bell or KFC in exchange to pick up parking lot's garbage is okay; plus,...the Colonel Sander's Last "Will & Last Testament" allows for a meal to those less fortunate who ask. Don't abuse Hobo Ed's trade secrets, please! They come in handy when you're in a real pinch to feed your empty gut of yourn,...and thoughts!

 Rule (13). Always keep thinking, survival is key; sleeping outside is dangerous--depending,...might want to wrap an old towel around you neck before hitting the hay, lest someone 'rolls on you' in the night.

 Rule(14). Always "Share and Share  alike"...That's the Hobo way.

 more to come soon.....I'm out!


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